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Launching the Go Green Rumbek project at St Peter Claver Ecological and Computer Center

By Caroline Sanga, MAJIS Rumbek

St. Peter Claver Ecological and Computer Center (SPCECC) in South Sudan launched a new project called Go Green – Rumbek which aims to target young people and inspire them towards climate-positive action and advocacy. 

Through this project, SPCECC uses music, art, drama, and poetry to inspire youth to develop messages around climate change. The project has so far trained 95 youth, in a series of workshops facilitated by Shete Josephat (Jesuit Hakimani Center) with support from Fr Lucas Ng’hwagi (Director – SPCECC).

In the workshops, youth learned about the Laudato Si movement, the impacts of climate change, climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. Four groups were formed, specifically, music, art, drama, and poetry groups.

In the groups, youth are encouraged to be creative in developing messages about climate change. They are also encouraged to use their voices in holding community members and local government authorities accountable for taking action on climate change. The groups are expected to deliver music, art, drama, and poetry performances across multiple platforms in Rumbek, including churches, schools, and public spaces.  By targeting youth and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, Go Green Rumbek ensures people across a diverse range of groups are involved.

The project fosters an inclusive and innovative approach where youth take the center stage.

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